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I have just arrived from dreams and here is the sunlight greeting me. I have woken up today to make the dreams of last night come true.
~ Tim

Today I have decided to have the best day I possibly can. For that I am going to make friends with hope, courage, happiness, love and every good person I meet on the way.
~ John Stake

Another wonderful morning where I will fall more deeply in love with you. A day when I will feel even more happy that you are a part of my life. Good Morning!
~ Pharrel Willis

Morning has arrived and so has the time to succeed. This is my day and I will use all my talents to become a better person and achieve the things that I have always dreamed of.
~ Dias Fell

The beginning of my morning are with a smile for you. You give me a good reason to laugh, to live life with happiness and bliss. You will always be my sweet sunshine.
~ Vanessa Dawn

There are so many people who may not be able to see the light of day today. We are blessed with life today. Make sure that you love the people that have been entrusted in your care.
~ Anna Rogers

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As soon as you wake up practice having a happy mindset for a few hours. The rest of the day will take care of itself. You need to program your mind and life to be happy.
~ Cathy

Every morning when I wake up I tell myself, “This is a good day that has been given to me by God. I am going to utilize all my gifts, qualities and strengths to make sure that I have an awesome day.”
~ Bill Tire

At the end of my life I may be asking for one chance to correct things. But I don’t need to wait that long because every morning gives me that chance. I am going to make things better today.
~ Lionel Torres

When I wake up in the morning, I give thanks for life, for food, strength and the joy of living healthy. I see no reason not to be joyful in the morning because all these things are given to me for free.
~Judith Davis

Every day when I rise, I find that one place within my heart where there’s endless joy to drown all the pain that life puts me through. This gives me the strength to face difficulties throughout the day.
~Sophia Daniels

I know I am joyful when I say yes to life, enjoy every moment and become a good role model to those around me. This way, I know I am making those who care about me happy and motivate them to be happy in their own ways.
~Diana Robbins

I find beauty in every morning because I am free to make new choices. I can choose to let go off the pain and negativity and live happy. I can choose to embrace the joys of life and appreciate every little thing in my life that makes it worth living.
~Veronica Anderson

Being joyful sends the right signal to those who don’t wish well for you. This way, you can show them that they cannot put you down in any way because you’re in control of your life and your moods.
~Helen Shaw

No matter what you went through yesterday, that is gone. Today is another day to start a fresh. This morning, decide that you’re going to have a joyful day.
~Jane Bills

The joy of life is putting God first every morning. He gives life freely.
~Stephanie Jordan

The joy of success comes from hard work, perseverance and expectation. There’s nothing to reap through laziness. What comes easy always slips through the fingers the same way.
~Michelle Campbell

It is possible to make every day a joyful day. Being positive, hopeful and happy in everything brings contentment in every way.
~Kelly White

It doesn’t matter who I am, where I am from or what my beliefs are; I know that I can make this world a joyful place. All I need to do is start my morning with a fresh cup of happiness and spread the joy to everyone I meet.
~Charlotte Barton

Joy knocks on any door no matter the time of day or night. I always listen; I don’t want this beautiful feeling to pass me by. What would I do without happiness?
~Susan Blackwell

A joyful life is a life full of love, care, forgiveness and kindness. Doing what I want done to me and blessing those who bless me. There’s nothing more pleasing than this.
~Martha Chapman

It doesn’t cost anything to be nice to the people around you. Because walking on a joyful path always leads to the ocean of happiness.
~Emily Duncan

You can have a fulfilling life when you decide to find joy in everything. Find joy in your relationships, your career and even strangers. Because you never know what treasures life holds for you until you get your hands dirty.
~Eleanor Dickinson

Only the few who share sincerely and unselfishly have doors to great opportunities opening. You can be one of them.
~Rose Fisher