Believe Hope And Humanity Quotes

Believe Hope And Humanity Quotes
I know three things will never be believed - the true, the probable, and the logical.
John Steinbeck

A theory is something nobody believes, except the person who made it. An experiment is something everybody believes, except the person who made it.

Albert Einstein

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We must believe in luck. For how else can we explain the success of those we don't like.

Jean Cocteau

Men willingly believe what they wish.

Gaius Julius Caesar

We all are worms, but I do believe I am a glowworm.

Winston Churchill

I never believed in Santa Claus because I knew no white dude would come into my neighborhood after dark.

Dick Gregory

He who believes in freedom of the will has never loved and never hated.

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

How can I believe in God when just last week I got my tongue caught in the roller of an electric typewriter?

Woody Allen

I believe in getting into hot water; it keeps you clean.

Gilbert Keith Chesterton

I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish Church, by the Roman Church, by the Greek Church, by the Turkish Church, by the Protestant Church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church.

Thomas Paine

I believe that Ronald Reagan can make this country what it once was - an Arctic region covered with ice.

Steve Martin