Love Heart And Friendship Breakup Quotes

=Darling you should be scared to love me=
 “Why are you so happy today? You’re always in a bad mood on Mondays” He asked glance curiously at me.
“I don’t know, perhaps I find great comfort knowing I can make you panic with a smile.”
He shrugs, “I guess you’re right, you have me wrapped around you finger. That’s okay with me though, I don’t mind.”
I give him the smile he loves most, “What about when I break your heart, will you mind then?” 

=We could be something=
 How much do you like her?“ I ask him, mostly out of curiosity.
“I like her a lot. Honesty, she’s so wonderful.”
“That’s great. I’m happy for you.”
He shrugs,“ She’s not like you though, nobody can compare to you.”
“Well silly, I’m one of a kind. To bad, to bad I’m to cold for someone as kind as you.”

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=Months of my love=
Late December I caught your eye.
In January you had already gotten tired of me.
Early February you were back again.
By March I had completely fallen for you, believing you’d fallen for me too.
April hadn’t even arrived when you left again. I should’ve known not to trust you anymore.
But before July came rolling around you were back. I was stupid and gave everything I had to you. Everybody knew I loved you more than I should, but nobody told me you didn’t feel the same.
Early August, you said goodbye.
Nows it November and I haven’t heard from you for awhile. And I haven’t felt more empty, I let you become my happiness and now I have none.

=When I lost everything=
“What happened to you? Just a month ago you were smiling and loved coming to school, you were always with friends making jokes or laughing at jokes, what happened?”
I just shrug,“I got tired, that’s all.”
Anger filled your eyes,“That’s all you ever say anymore! What are you tired of? You’re sure in the hell not sleep debrived! You go to bed early and wake up late!”
“I got tired of fake friends. I got tired of waiting for everyone to love me, I gave so much to people but I never got anything back. I pushed friends away. They were all fake anyways. Schools my own personal hell now.”
“You had me,” you whisper, “You’ve always had me. You know this!”
I shake my head, “You stopped caring. I’m not stupid you know, you got sick of me and became distant! And I got tired how people turning how exactly how they said they wouldnt, so I decided to say goodbye.”

=You should’ve thought about that before you left=
“I miss you,” he said.
Laughing, “No darling, you don't. You just realized I moved on.”
“No, I miss your strawberry scented hair, your random music taste, your always soft legs, I miss you.”
“Well, you should’ve thought about that before you left.” I say shaking my head.