Sad Poetry Quotes For Love Birds - I’m not going to let you break me again

Love Birds Quotes
“He says I’m amazing but he doesn’t know that most nights I cry myself to sleep. He doesn’t know about the scars on my thighs and wrists. He doesn’t know about the scary thoughts that fill my mind.”

“He says I’m gorgeous but he hasn’t seen me with no makeup on at 3 in the morning. He hasn’t seen me with a red blotchy face from crying.”

“He says I’m nice and innocent but he doesn’t know about the cuts. He doesn’t know about how I tell myself to stop being so damn ugly and get better.”

“He says he loves me, but he doesn’t know me.” 

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You promised forever.
I believed you.
You told me you loved me.
I believed you. 
You said it would be okay.
I believed you. 
You said that I was the only one for you. 
I believed you.
Forever didn’t last.
You didn’t love me.
It wasn’t okay.
I wasn’t the only one for you.

 You don’t know what love is, yet it’s your favorite word. I understand the pain and heartache of love so I use it carefully.“
“You say she was your first love, but you didn’t love her. She was just yours. Doesn’t mean much now.”
“He was my first love. Even with you here I miss him. Sometimes I compare you to him. Its not right because I don’t love you.”
“You once asked why it’s so hard for me to say those three little words. I tell you it’s because I wouldn’t be telling the truth.”
“I once asked why it was so easy to say these three words that held so much meaning. You said it’s because it’s what people want hear.”
“Love for you is a word.
Love for me is a feeling” 
When you’re with someone who you don’t love, but they love you, its hard. You try to make yourself feel the same but you can’t. You start getting irritated. First at yourself because you can’t be what they want or what they need. Then at them because they want you to be something you can’t. But you know you can’t hurt them. Soon they realize you don’t feel the same. Now you know nothing’s gonna be the same.“

 “When you’re with someone who doesn’t love you, but you love them, it’s confusing. You love them like yourself. Even more. You always believe that they love you just as much. You believe that you guys could be anything you two want. But soon you realize they don’t feel the same. They don’t tell you but you know. You know it’s never going to be the same.

“Why do you let people who just hurt you come back into your life,” She asked me, full of anger.
“I feel so lost, like I have nobody. The easiest thing to do is go to anybody who gives me attention.

That way I can pretend I’m not alone,” I said shrugging.
She stops for a moment and sighs,“ You’re never alone, you have me! I’m your best friend remember? I’ll always be here for you.”
I just shake my head,“ No, you left me a while ago, we both just pretended you didn't. We had a good run, you were a good friend.” Tears rolled down my face. “I’m gonna go now.” And I left her sitting there, just like she left me.

 You hurt me, and you hurt me, and then you hurt me some more", she says with tears in her eyes.
“ I’m sorry. I really did care about you, I just didn’t know how to anything right. It just kept turning out wrong”

“You left without any warning. You didn’t care about me. You just liked to play those stupid minds games. You didn’t even try to make sure I was okay.”

He looked away, “ I thought that if I was out of the picture you’d be okay. I just wanted you to be okay, to be able to move on. I knew I wanted you to move on so I had to move on as well.”
She gave a little laugh, “ You only wanted me to move on so that you wouldn’t have to feel guilty. And I want you to know, I know you came back because you realized what you lost, but I’ve finally moved on. I’m not going to let you break me again.