Heart Touching Poetry - Love Relationship And Humanity Explained

Tears falling from the SKY

When the Rain falls
My thoughts of you come to view
The rain reminds me of my tear drops
Like heaven's crying too
I miss the tender words you say
That made my heart ring
And took my breath away
I feel your passion and love
That helps me pull through
I know we'll be together again one day
I can feel it in my heart

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My Lost Love

There's a pain in my heart that I'm feeling today,
for the love of my life feels further each day.

The sorrow is so much and the pain is so deep,
I've hurt her again, I can't even sleep.

But I now know the problem, the curse of our love,
it was buried inside me, with no sight from above.

And now that I see it, I force it away,
yet I fear that I've lost her, nevermore can I say,

that I love her so deeply and regret all the pain,
and I know it's my fault, no one else can I blame.

And I search for an answer, somewhere above,
and hope she'll forgive me and remember our love.

For I can't live without her and could never move on,
for how can one live when what they live for is gone.

Walls are closing around me, I sink slowly each day,
yet I cling to a hope that seems far away,

that she will return to me and feel my embrace,
I miss her so badly and the beauty of her face,

as she slept there beside me, never knowing the truth,
that I would smile there beside her, and be thankful for the proof,

that someone does care, for I have known this angel,
and I'd softly kiss her cheek, the moment so blissful.

And I'd hold her all night and feel so at peace,
yet I never told her these things, now I watch as she flees.

But I know she remembers it, the love that I gave,
and I hope she can forgive me, the cause of her pain.

For like an angel from heaven, she came into my life,
now I plead one last time, for one last chance to make it right.

Yet I fear it won't heal, how I've ripped us apart,
but I must let her know what's inside this broken heart.

That I love her so much and I've made a mistake,
and I hope she won't leave because it's my heart she will take.

We were in love for so long, I know she remembers.
It started three years ago, that night in September.

I will never forget how I felt that cold night,
my breath taken away by the beauty of her sight.

I write these words now with tears in my eyes,
for I love her so much, I sit and I die.

I'm so lost without her, don't want her to go,
not without me saying what I need her to know.

That I've always loved her and miss her each day,
yet the hope that she loves me drifts further away.

I just want her to know how I truly feel,
and to know that my words are nothing but real.

And it doesn't take a special time to make a new start,
it takes only desire and true love from the heart.

O Life Hold Me Tight 

Oh life...
Hold me tight....
M loosing my rights....
Trying hard,
to recollect few of the memories
that can make me feel alive...
But it seems,shadow of darkness
Is trying harder to make me down...
Oh life...
Hold me tight...
M Loosing my rights...

Sometimes it's too hard
to stand alone,
Where everyone is planning
to make me realize,
M no more able
to stand alone,
Oh life...
Hold me tight...
M loosing my rights...

Acting strong
to recover my strengths,
But in real need a support
THAT can protect me
When i am about to fall.
THAT can motivate me
When i am about to get depressed.
THAT can show me the right way
When i am about to loose my sight.
THAT can be with me in my dooms
When i am about to be no more.

" THAT" seems to b like an illusion
for me...
Because this "THAT" is not there for me...

Oh life...
Hold me tight...
M loosing my rights